Come take classes with us to improve as a dancer!

These classes are designed to help improve your technique fast and can help prepare you for competition tryouts. Class size is limited and, in most classes,, dancers will be given sheets to take home to help them improve while practicing at home (class is marked with a *).  All classes are $15 each, and space is limited to ensure proper one on one attention. Classes must have 5 dancers registered to run.

Pirouette Workshop*
Work on maintaining a clean double pirouette. The class will focus on skills and drills to help you practice a clean double and gain the strength to add more rotations.   Open to all 6-18 years
                         Wednesday,  June 19th     5:00-6:00pm

Advanced Modern Technique 
Gain more knowledge on the fundamentals of the modern technique. Challenge yourself and grow!
Must have 3 years of Contemporary classes or teacher approval
                        Wednesday,  June 19th     5:00-6:00pm

Advanced Turns Technique*
Work on turn combinations that challenge and inspire you to be a better dancer. This class is for the advanced level dancer.  Must be able to preform five clean seconds into a double 
                      Wednesday,   June 19th    6:00-7:00pm

Intermediate Modern Technique
Work on the fundamentals of Modern technique. Great for contemporary dancers or those wanting to improve there technique.  Open to all dancers ages  8-18 years 

                      Wednesday,  June 19th    6:00-7:00pm

Back Handspring Clinic
Work on your learning your back handspring, completing a roundoff back handspring without pausing, or just cleaning up the back handspring with straight legs, pointed toes and no under -cutting.  Students must be able to complete a back walkover with straight legs and no assistance.  
                     Thursday,  June 20th    6:00-7:00pm

Lyrical Emotion
Have a hard time showing emotion in lyrical?? This class is for you, gain the knowledge and practice the skill to help you gain confidence in lyrical class.  Open to all students.  Ages 8-18yrs
                  Thursday, June 20th     6:00-7:00pm

Novice Acro Clinic
Working on learning the kickover, back walkover, cartwheel?? Want to get better at acro and gain skills to grow? This clinic is for you!   Students must be able to go into a backbend unassisted
                  Thursday, June 20th     7:00-8:00pm

Seconds Clinic
Work on gaining strength and proper technique to complete seconds. After completing the class you will have the skills to work on completing clean seconds and complete more difficult second combinations.  Must have Clean leaps. Ages 12-18yrs
                   Thursday, June 20th     7:00-8:00pm

Advanced Jumps & Leaps*
Work on gaining technique for advanced jumps, learn fun new tricks and jumps tp practice and take you to the next level.  Must have a clean double turn without falling out & straight legs on jumps.
                    Wednesday,  June  26th   7:00-8:00pm

Tap Basics
Gain knowledge with basic times steps. Including time steps, pullbacks, maxiford turns, and learning to articulate with proper form.   Open to all ages 6-18yrs
                    Wednesday,  June  26th     7:00-8:00pm

Intermediate Jumps & Leaps*
Work will work on technique for a number of different jumps. And start learning proper form for more advanced jumps.   Open to all ages 6-18yrs
                     Wednesday,  June  26th     6:00-7:00pm

Tap Tricks
Work on the tap tricks we all love, including wings, toe stands, and other more advanced tap steps.
3 years of  tap experience required
                   Wednesday,  June  26th    6:00-7:00pm

Posture and Arms
Work on Proper posture and arm placement and ways to strengthen it during the summer to help you improve your overall performance. Open to all ages 8-18yrs

                    Thursday,  June 27th    7:00-8:00pm

Gain knowledge and exercise to increase your flexibility. Students will leave with tools they can use to increase their flexibility at home. Open to all dancers 7-18 years
                     Thursday, June 27th    6:00-7:00pm

Learn exercises and routines to strengthen the muscle you use in dance. Improving muscle definition will increase height of jumps and strength for advance dance moves. Open to all dancers 10-18years
                      Thursday,  June 27th     6:00-7:00pm

Aerial Clinic
Want your aerial?? Need more height in your aerial??  This class is for you!Must have a clean Cartwheel, pointed toes, straight legs and proper cartwheel technique
                     Thursday, June 27th      7:00-8:00pm


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