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What We Do

At SBS; we stick to our traditional teaching methods. We are known for our age appropriate music, costuming, and choreography. We also make sure to have family-based activities for our dancers. We can be "hip, chic, and trendy" if needed, but we won't compromise giving our students what they need to be learning for their age and length of study. With a philosophy that respects the individuality of each student, your children will flourish.

SBS Dance is proud to be certified in  Progressive Ballet Technique, and affiliated with  Cecchetti Council of America, and Acrobratics Arts.

Our dedicated faculty is full of highly trained dance and acrobatic instructors.

At SBS, we strive to give everyone the opportunity to express themselves through dance. We have additional credentials to offer classes for those with special needs, and have been recognized for the success we have with our programs

Our Faculty

The SBS Faculty is one of the most welcoming groups you will ever meet. We take pride in our staff's ability to teach our students valuable life lessons as well as wonderful dance technique. Our staff is respectful and teaches every unique child in a way that works best for them.​​

Our staff has received many awards both individually and as a whole. We would love for you to learn about our family!